28 Jan 2020

In Memoriam

In Memoriam

It is with heavy hearts that we learn of the passing of one of our dear friends, Susan Dixon. Though she joined our Bureau in 2016 as Recording Secretary, she dedicated her time and energies to our sport from the very start.

She started skydiving in 1972, and six months after that first jump moved her family to Thruxton Airfield so she could continue skydiving. At Thruxton, she trained as a rigger and was encouraged to compete in local competitions. In 1983 Susan qualified as a National Judge in the UK (after being told that women would never make good judges!) and then spent most of her weekends judging at different dropzones in the UK. In the early 80’s she went to Dublin as an observer at her first IPC meeting and was hooked. In 1985 Susan qualified as an FS FAI Judge and has judged internationally almost every year since. The same year she was part of the British all-girls record with a 20-way at Pampisford. During 2004 Susan renewed her attendance at IPC meetings as an observer for France. 

"I have found it fascinating being fully involved in the political melting pot and have learnt an awful lot about the work put in by so few on behalf of so many. I appreciated the opportunity I have had over these years to contribute to our wonderful sport." - Susan Dixon

We truly appreciate her contribution to our sport, but most of all her friendship. She has left an indelible mark on our hearts.