FAI Aeromodelling Commission (CIAM)

10 Dec 2019

2019 CIAM Bureau Meeting

The CIAM (FAI Aeromodelling Commission) Bureau had a two-day meeting on 7 and 8 December at the FAI Head Office in Lausanne, Switzerland. This is the most important CIAM Bureau face-to-face meeting, as the Agenda includes reporting items and the Bureau evaluates the CIAM annual activities. There are also items that include plans for the next year’s activities, such as preparing the Agenda of the next Plenary, a review on the rules, proposals that were submitted by members or Sub-Committees, and, of course, the further development of this very popular sport.

In 2019 FAI launched for use by its members two new online software applications for the CIAM Technical Experts and Judges and for the Registration of Second Category events to the annual FAI calendar.

Since CIAM’s Bureau meeting happened almost at the same time with the annual FAI General Conference (also hosted in Lausanne), members of the CIAM Bureau had the opportunity to attend the sessions, in order to have first-hand knowledge of the operation of the World Air Sports Federation.

Photo credit: Antonis Papadopoulos